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The pilot program DentalScan using CAD/CAM CEREC CAD/CAM

  • free scanner rental
  • innovative technology in your surgery
  • no additional cost
  • the highest quality all-ceramic reconstructions
  • the average cost of prosthetic saves 20% comparing to traditional lab
  • reduced turnaround time
  • increased patient comfort by taking a virtual impression using scanner
  • we are authorized by:
    autoryzowane laboratirum przez Dentsly Sirona

How it works

opis systemu

1. Virtual impression scan
Virtual impression scan
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2. Email 3D file to DentalScan
Email 3D file to DentalScan
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3. Prosthetic design at DentalScan
Prosthetic design at DentalScan
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4. Fabrication: grinding/milling
Fabrication: grinding/milling
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Krok 5 - przesłanie pracy w 48h
Shipping (from 48hrs)

What we can do

  • Inlay, onlay, overlay, full ceramic veneer or hybrid
  • Crown, partial crown, endocrown
  • Ceramic bridges (up to 3 points)
  • Maryland type bridges and onlay-onlay
  • Implantoprosthetics – abutments, crowns and screwed bridges
  • Temporary jobs – crowns and bridges up to 12 points
  • Crowns and bridges on zirconium oxide framework – work type multilayer
  • Digital impression 3D-printed model
  • Implant templates
  • Implant beams
  • Crown and ceramic or metal bridge abutments
  • Zirconia works

Clinical cases


How we compare

Technology Precision Turnaround Cost
DentalScan cad/cam 19
up to
Traditional lab 80

About us

The idea for DentalScan was born from the need to improve the quality of prosthetic services and increase turnaround time of the processes as well as increase patients’ comfort.
The idea behind the program is to implement a modern DentalScan program for dental surgeries, which will allow performing even the most advanced prosthetic work using 21st century technology.

We offer intraoral scanner and the software application for commissioning and maintenance of prosthetic works online, free of charge to our partners.
System implementation is simple, preceded by specialized training. By integrating the scanner with our IT system the use of the system is very intuitive.
Our expertise, experienced lab designers and modern milling units allow us to fabricate and deliver prosthetic works in the shortest possible time at completive rates.

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